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For your Frida Flower Crown You'll Need:

1. Coloring tools; Markers, Colored Pencils, Paint, etc.

2. Scissors

3. Tape or Stapler




1. Download and print out your Crown. Make sure its printed as double-sided so you can have your quote printed on the back of the crown. 


2. Color in your flower crown. Use your imagination and have fun! 

3. Cut out your crown and the head straps following along the dotted lines. 

4. Tape (or staple) the head straps to either side of the crown 

5. Tape the ends of the head straps to one another to fit your head. As an alternative to taping the head straps, you can punch holes on either side of the crown and use string to tie your crown on your head!

5. Take a picture of yourself wearing your crown and tag us on instagram @oliveandcopaper